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Hello Bud-Heads!

A perfect fall season, in the City of San Francisco.

The Trio is busy binge watching


Markey is applying for his plumber union card

Bud E's an empty nester, but still eating eggs

Mikey and Markey are selecting assisted living quarters

Bud E. has been sitting for interviews with "Cowboy Boots" Magazine, Markey is writing a new book entitled "Tools: Are They Really Necessary". Mikey is producing a video called "Cat Management".



See you at the gig!


The Fabulous Bud E Luv Show celebrates 30 Years Of LUV!.


November 24th, 2018

The Orchestra

Rancho Nicasio

Dinner Show and Dancing

On the Town Square, Nicasio CA 94946

We suggest you make a date for the weekend, get a little B & B out in Bodega Bay, come have dinner at the beautifully appointed Rancho Nicasio, dance your little butt off, then head back to your B & B for some extra curricular activities. Make rezzies if you can, you can dress up or down in this joint, it works both ways....yes, it's also ALL AGES....

(415) 662-2219


December 23rd, 2016

The Trio and The Orchestra

The Chapel

The Annual Christmas Show!

777 Valencia Street, S.F. CA 94110

The Traditional Christmas Show returns to San Francisco! We know we are part of many Christmas traditions, and for many of you, a trip to SF to see the Budster was as cool as the Rolex watch under the tree. This year, we've moved the show to the 23rd, two days BEFORE Christmas, so you can get a good night's sleep, and have an early Christmas gift, an evening with the Fabulous Bud E. Luv Show in all sizes. The Chapel is proud to host this event for the third time, little do they know that once you get in the Luv Show in, it takes years to remove! We are thrilled to be in the most exciting part of town, the illustrious Mission District, where the action never stops. Put on your Christmas clothes, doors at 7, show at 8 pm. Food served in the attached Vestry Restaurant.

(415) 551-5157

Bud E Luv on YouTube

1992 Vintage Show in New York City

The Luv Show is Nationwide!

We have got some private shows coming up, are you on the list? If not, check back here for upcoming public events in and around San Francisco in the new year.

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