Sensitivity is an intangible thing. You can't buy it. It has to be there. Sensitivity is a quality. It's an ability to understand feelings without having to be told what they are. If a dame catches you with another dame, you can sense she's pissed. You're sensitive. You don't have to be told. If someone's crying, you know intuitively they're upset. Again, no one has told you. Your sensitivity tells you.

Many people think sensitivity is just for women. Don't be fooled. Sensitivity attracts dames like a magnet. Cats like Mozart, Liszt, Picasso, Warren Beatty - they have it. Sensitivity enables a cat to identify with chicks, to know what they're going through.

Work on having sensitive eyes. Practice looking slightly wounded. Pout occasionally. Close your eyes from time to time, as if the sight of life has suddenly become too much for you. Don't do this while walking. Look down at your shoes. Burst into tears for no apparent reason.

Excerpted From: You Oughta Be Me: How To Be A Lounge Singer And Live Like One. St. Martins Press, 1993.

Steve Casner. Webmaster to the Stars.