Michael Ludwig von Luvinksy


June 14

Julliard School of Music
Peabody Conservatory of Music
Kutztown State

How The Band Was Started (Mikey's Story)
Bud E. was performing in the Catskills for a few weeks following his back to back to back bookings on the Ed Sullivan Show. His agent had called, with a message that the band (the as yet unknown Markey and Mikey) at Harvey & Sonja's Catacombs Resort was in the process of being fired. He suggested that Bud E. take a look at the club to see if it held any potential for his act.

What Bud E. saw was not a pretty picture. When he entered the lounge, he saw two of the tiniest old men he had ever seen slumped at the head table surrounded by women, booze, and cigars. He turned around to leave, but he heard the sound of an accordion. He then realized the two tiny old men were Markey and Mikey--completely burnt out at six years old. He sat down at the table, signed a few autographs, and heard our sordid tale.

Markey Luvinowitz and I met at an orphanage run by Catholic nuns. We were both expelled at the same time--Markey for distilling altar grape juice, myself, for knocking up a nun. We hitch-hiked to New York City, and were performing on Broadway--Markey on clarinet, myself on accordion. Of course, when I say on Broadway, I mean it. Right outside the 48th Street subway station.

We were discovered by Harvey and Sonja Cohen, who offered us a gig, in exchange for buffet privileges and a loft over the stable. We were an immediate success, and we begun indulging in excess--Markey developed a drug and alcohol problem, and was involved in several bad business deals: midget micro condoms, and a controlling interest in Pet Rocks. (An idea before it's time.) I had a problem with broads, especially those 48 and over, as well as a gambling addiction.

Bud E. was intrigued--and he returned that evening to see our set. He could hear the talent: misused, misguided, misspent. He had his work cut out for him. He approached the stage, and counted off the intro of "Danke Schoen". A new life came into Markey and I at that moment, and we all knew history was being made when a riot broke out at Harvey and Sonja's Catacombs Resort at the end of the tune.

Bud E. called his agent, and told him that he'd need a few weeks to get us guys into shape. He then proceeded to rehearse us until we looked--and sounded--six years old again. With a few minor adjustments--switching Markey to sax and myself to Farfisa organ--we were lounge ready! And the rest is history.

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