Marcus Aurelius Luvinowitz

Toledo, Ohio

September 11

Favorite Color

Favorite Fish
Red Snapper

How The Band Was Started (Markey's Story)
We were all born to our good mother, Trixie Ray, a Vegas show girl who was not particularly talented, but easy-going, if you know what I mean. Interestingly, we all had different fathers. Raised at the Silver Dollar Trailer Park, life was good ... no one heated a T.V. dinner like Mom. Work was hard to come by for a 200-pound show girl, so mom started us working in the biz early. First there was the ventriloquist thing, but Mikey and I soon tired of being the dummies.

Finally we landed a steady engagement, accompanying a singing dog act. Who could forget their great version of Jingle Bells? The dog's repertoire was admittedly limited, so it was here that older brother Bud E. began his prolific song writing career, penning "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?", "O Give Me Bone Where The Buffalo Roam," and developed his famous ukelele tuning system "My Dog Has Fleas." We put together a road show and the rest is show biz history.

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