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Laura Smith
It was a real surprise to see your web page...a friend of mine put me on to it because she and I remember when....Bubba Lou and the Humidors!!! We were a couple of your biggest fans...Just wanted to say hi from Chicago where I am now living. Let me know if you ever play in this town!
Signed on: 2002-10-18 05:31:00

hanham at okstate.edu
Money baby, pure money...
Signed on: 2002-10-21 01:40:00

terri roberts
flanz at netnet.net
Bud, where are you from originally? Signed on: Sunday, November 8th at 4:
Signed on: 2003-10-21 01:40:00

Will Harrison
CharlesWHarrison at mailexcite.com
Hey superman, slow down.
Signed on: 2002-11-14 12:49:00

Brian Chapman
bchapman at netvigator.com
Greetings from China. I hope all is well and I am glad to see that you, Mikey and Markey are still doing so well. I will try to get in touch the next trip to SF. Or if you find yourself in Asia look me up. "LUV" Brian
Signed on: 2002-11-16 06:48:00


Signed on: 2002-11-22 05:41:00

Great site....two thumbs up!
Signed on: 2002-11-25 11:37:00

susanna mangney
susanna at nbyte.com
Signed on: Tuesday, December 1st at 12:
Signed on: 2003-11-25 11:37:00

Bud! you rock my world buddy!!!! Signed on: Thursday, December 3rd at 2:
Signed on: 2003-11-25 11:37:00

hotkell at yahoo.com
hello Signed on: Sunday, December 6th at 2:
Signed on: 2003-11-25 11:37:00

jane weirick
budfairy at budland.com
have i mentioned how much you resemble my third exhusband?
Signed on: 2002-12-14 07:33:00

Nate Karth
hkarth at usexchange.net

Signed on: 2002-12-17 03:20:00

joyce cromer
jcromer at enid.com
How do you keep the lounge lizards from hitting on you? And how do you get a real cool dude to notice you?
Signed on: 2002-12-18 07:27:00

folans at prodigy.net

Signed on: 2002-12-23 03:18:00

You have a nice site here......Keep up the good work. JC Signed on: Sunday, January 3rd at 4:
Signed on: 2003-12-23 03:18:00

Tammy Garcia
loutan at swbell.postoffice.com
I put you on my bookmark. I had a great time! Signed on: Monday, January 4th at 2:
Signed on: 2003-12-23 03:18:00

Larry M.
Mohlerln at concentric.net
Howdy! Signed on: Tuesday, January 5th at 4:
Signed on: 2003-12-23 03:18:00

Selena Garrison
selena.garrison at mailcity.com
Hey Bud E. Luv- I never recieved my automatic $200! :( -Selena Garrison Signed on: Saturday, January 9th at 11:
Signed on: 2003-12-23 03:18:00


Signed on: 2003-12-23 03:18:00

susanna at nbyte.com
this site kicks ass
Signed on: 2002-01-16 09:58:00

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