Bud Euripides Luvalopolis

Mykanos Island, Greece

October 7

How The Band Was Started (Bud E.'s Story)
In 1958, I just finished my third appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, and done a stint with Frank Sinatra in Vegas, a time which was most prolific for me. And a boon for Frank's career. During that time, I penned for Frank one of his biggest hits. Mind you, I'm only six years old at the time. I then traveled by boat to England to play a Royal Command performance for the Queen. She loved the show so much, she invited The Budster to perform at a high tea for her, Winston Churchill, and Charles DeGaulle. Little did I know that out in front of Buckingham Palace stood two young kids armed with nothing more than a clarinet and an accordion. They had come to England to perform in the pubs of England. Their working papers had expired and they were penniless, yet wanting desperately to go on the guided tour of Buckingham Palace.

So right in front of the house where the changing of the guard took place every day, stood two talented youngsters wowing the Beefeaters and guards. I heard that even one of the stoic Queen's guards actually cracked a smile. Before long, a crowd had stopped traffic while these two youngsters played into the afternoon. The Queen, informed of the commotion on front of the Palace, sent the Royal Beekeeper to find out what was stopping traffic in front of the Palace. He immediately called the Queen's office and had the young Markey and Mikey Luv whisked to the Queen's quarters where Bud E., Markey and Mikey stood together in a room for the first time. History was made that day.

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